Indian Railways

IRCTC: First laborer special train to run from Delhi today

A special train will run from Delhi to Chhatarpur today to take the trapped laborers home. This train will open from Delhi at eight o’clock tonight and will reach Chhatarpur tomorrow. It is being told that 1200 people will be taken from this train.


According to the report of ANI, the first labor special train for migrant laborers from Delhi will leave for Chhatarpur in Madhya Pradesh today. This train will run at 8 pm tonight. 1200 workers will go to MP cities by this train.

It is being told that this train will also stop at some stations of MP. People will be seated on the train taking care of social distancing. The train will reach Chhatarpur station by tomorrow evening.

People are staying in the night shelters – These MP workers are staying in the rain shelters of Delhi, due to which they could have increased the risk of infection, due to which the MP government requested the Central to run special labor train and then today This train will open at eight o’clock at night.

140 special trains so far – On Wednesday, the Railways informed that 140 special trains have been run till now to send the trapped laborers home after the lockdown. The government has transported people to different parts of the country through these trains. Railways told how long 1.35 lakh laborers of the country have been transported home.

Dispute regarding fare – There has been a dispute over the fare in the special train run by the Railways. Railways had in its mandate said to collect the rent from the state, after which the opposition Congress had announced the rent from the party fund.

Reference: ANI

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