All you need to know about Osteoporosis and its treatment

In almost each and every country the women are the base of the family. Women plays a chief part in each family but unfortunately they are the most ignored one. They maintain equilibrium between job and family. And in doing so they face numerous health issues.

Osteoporosis is the one consequence of that, which brings deficiency of calcium in the bones. Actually, this word is originated from Latin word which means “porous bones”. In bones of human beings some spaces are present which are known as honeycomb, that space starts expanding and makes bones more porous and as a out- turn the bones become weak and thin.  And in small shock or jerk fracture may occur. Mostly affected are ribs, hips, wrists, spine bones. This condition does not show any warning signs or symptoms, so it is arduous to identify.  When situation goes severe then only one can pinpoint it.

Risk factors for Osteoporosis are:

  • Age,
  • Menopause,
  • Family history ,
  • Poor nutrition,
  • Physical inactivity,
  • Smoking etc.

By opting medication one can get rid from this condition. Although there are lots of medicines for this situation and one such medicine is:

WINTROL, a Macwin Pharmaceuticals product.

This medicine highlights are as follows:

  • This drug is in a tablet form.
  • This medicine has been found to provide the benefits of calcium, calcitriol and zinc.
  • Stimulate bone growth or prevent bone loss.
  • No side effects.
  • Proved even more promising than other drugs.
  • The cost of the product is satisfying.
  • Patients are fully satisfied by this product.
  • Easily available at Pharmacy.

Osteoporosis can be a serious problem, if it is not treated well on time. There’s a lot one can do to overcome it by following nutritious and balanced diet and exercising with appropriate medication.

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