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Coronavirus update: COVID-19 cases in India cross 2.76 lakh; nearly 10,000 new cases in last 24 hours

India’s COVID-19 count surged past the grim milestone of 2.75-lakh cases today, according to the data released by ministry of health and family welfare. The states continued to register nearly 10,000 cases even on Tuesday. Maharashtra reported the highest number of fresh infections at 2,259 in last 24 hours. Tamil Nadu saw its biggest jump in COVID-19 count on Tuesday. Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu were the two states to confirm nearly 45% of total coronavirus cases in India. Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh also witnessed huge jump in coronavirus cases on Tuesday.


The number of deaths from coronavirus pandemic zoomed to 7,745. At least 274 people succumbed to death in last 24 hours. Maharashtra registered the highest number of fatalities in India. The death toll in Gujarat topped 1,300 on Tuesday.

The total number of active coroanvirus cases in India increased to 133,632. Nearly 48% of total coronavirus cases — nearly 1.35 lakh people — have recovered from the disease.

Maharashtra became the first state in India to report over 90,000 cases. Mumbai alone accounted for over 50,000 COVID-19 patients. The death toll in the state rose to 3,289.

Delhi was the third state to confirm 30,000 coronavirus cases after Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu. At least 1,366 people tested positive for the virus in last 24 hours.

Tamil Nadu saw an explosion of fresh coronavirus cases on Tuesday. Over 1,600 people tested positive for the virus on Tuesday, bringing tally to 34,914.

A top World Health Organization (WHO) official on Tuesday clarified her remarks that transmission of the new coronavirus from asymptomatic carriers was “very rare”, citing a “misunderstanding”.

Maria Van Kerkhove, the WHO’s COVID-19 technical lead, had said that on the basis of studies carried out in several countries, transmission of the virus by an asymptomatic person seemed “very rare”.

Here is state-wise status of coronavirus cases in India

Andaman and Nicobar Islands – 33

Andhra Pradesh – 5,070

Arunchal Pradesh – 57

Assam – 2,937

Bihar – 5,459

Chandigarh – 323

Chhattisgarh – 1,240

Dadar Nagar Haveli – 22

Delhi – 31,309

Goa – 359

Gujarat – 21,014

Haryana – 5,209

Himachal Pradesh – 445

Jammu and Kashmir – 4,346

Jharkhand – 1,411

Karnataka – 5,921

Kerala – 2,096

Ladakh – 108

Madhya Pradesh – 9,849

Maharashtra – 90,787

Manipur – 304

Meghalaya – 43

Mizoram – 88

Nagaland – 127

Odisha – 3,140

Puducherry – 127

Punjab – 2,719

Rajasthan – 11,245

Sikkim – 13

Tamil Nadu – 34,914

Telangana – 3,920

Tripura – 864

Uttarakhand – 1,537

Uttar Pradesh – 11,335

West Bengal – 8,985

Globally coronavirus infected over 72 lakh people. The deadly virus took lives of more than 4.11 lakh people across the world. The United States was the worst affected by coronavirus pandemic. It registered nearly 20 lakh coronavirus cases since the outbreak. The causalities from coronavirus pandemic surged to 1.11 lakh in the US.

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