Deriving complex data in a simpler form through Instant Visualisation Analysis (IVA)

Big data has become a household term in today’s business environment, enabling several corporations steer towards growth by providing a better insight into heaps of data obtained from various sources. In fact, according to a report by Forrester, data-driven companies are likely to grow around 30 per cent more than their instinct-driven counterparts. This is because digging into data helps obtain various results, be it in terms of industry trends, customer behaviour, areas of improvement and more that significantly helps in decision-making processes of any business. However, amassing data is one thing and presenting it in a comprehensible manner is another. This is where data visualisation comes in!

Graphical representation of any data makes it more comprehensible and hence, enables us to focus only on the part that is critical. Result? Better business insights and in turn, enhanced productivity and sales. Owing to the tech-savvy data visualisation tool, one can remain aware of the possible outcomes of businesses and take necessary measures beforehand. However, with a wide array of tools available, each serving its own purpose, what defines the criteria of a ‘good’ data visualisation tool? If we take Tableau for example, its ease in usability with great data-holding capacity, and the fact that it can generate productive visuals makes it one of the most sought-after data visualisation tools.  However, there are new analytical tools as well that are equally convenient and effective.

For instance, ‘Narrator’, a Robo-analytics tool by G-Square, enables users to get actionable business insights in smart visualisation and dashboard formats. Similarly, WGD Analytics leverages software for instant visualisation analysis that facilitates data mapping and displays it graphically in the form of pie chart, info-graphics, table, etc. The latter specifically helps establish relationships between various data models from where information is extracted. Such innovative solutions by these companies have driven India’s analytics market towards a tremendous growth.

With the ever-increasing global data-sphere and moreover, every organisation striving to get ahead in this breakneck business competition, harnessing BI and analytical tools may be one of the most cost-effective and pragmatic ways to achieve growth and stay among the frontrunners in the industry. This can be best done by seeking solutions from the pioneers in analytics services such as Covergytics, WGD Analytics and Bridgei2i, to name a few, that have introduced a number of tools and solutions, helping several businesses achieve greater heights.

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