Niira Radia

Bringing quality healthcare in hinterlands of UP, Niira Radia among key change-makers in Indian healthcare

While there have been some positive indications in the healthcare sector of India, it also faces serious shortcomings. From tackling major epidemics, to finding solutions for life threatening diseases which were otherwise deemed incurable, the country has made extraordinary feats. Despite that, lack of accessibility of quality healthcare and unaffordability are some of the major challenges that the common man has long been and is still facing.

Considering the magnitude of these challenges, it is impossible for government to solely resolve it. Therefore, it is imperative that healthcare providers, policy makers, leaders and healthcare companies collectively devise strategies to strengthen the overall healthcare system. Whether it is leveraging technology to maximise output, upgrading skilled workforce at areas in need or minimising the cost of treatment, there are several measures that can be taken. All these can in turn help in increasing the accessibility as well.

Uttar Pradesh for instance is one of the poorest states in India and its healthcare sector also faces a major demand-supply gap. Result? The need of people to travel for miles to nearby metro cities to acquire treatment with an added travel expense on their heads. “Day in and day out we see harrowing tales of people traveling great distances at great financial and emotional expense, just so that their loved ones receive the right medical treatment. Many times, they are too late in finding the right healthcare provider, and end up losing a family member or friend,” said Niira Radia, Chairperson of Nayati Healthcare. Witnessing the plights of these people, she took up the initiative of setting up Nayati Healthcare there which later turned out to be one of the fastest growing private chain of hospitals in India.

Ever since its inception, the healthcare chain has been making quality medical care accessible to the residents of Uttar Pradesh in and around Agra, Mathura and Braj, most of which are densely populated yet poorly provisioned. Niira Radia’s effort has significantly helped in bridging the lurking gap in healthcare sector of those regions and it is because of her that today, people no longer have to worry about availing treatments especially during emergency situations.

To bring change on a maximum scale, it is important for both the government and private sectors to develop partnerships and Nayati Healthcare has been collaborating with local state authorities and initiating awareness campaigns and organising medical camps across various communities. With India striving to bringing quality and affordable healthcare to all, leaders like Niira Radia are among the frontrunners in this revolution.