Multilayer Pipe

4 Common Advantages of Using Multilayer Pipe

In recent years, the application of press-fit plastic pipes have become popular as installers explore the advantage of flexible piping solutions. But when it comes to flexibility, there’s another great alternative available for installers and which is a multilayer pipe.

Typically used in plumbing, underfloor heating and heating system installations, multilayer pipe can offer supply of both hot and cold water. Multiplayer piping system involves an integrated framework that includes cross-linked polyethylene, aluminium and exterior safeguarding layer of polyethylene.

Multilayer pipes have been used in the past and it has made its way in recent years as well. Let’s have a look at some advantages that these pipes offer which makes them an ideal choice even for contemporary usage.

1.    Economical Piping Option

If you have a budget restraint and want something at economical value with great quality then multilayer pipe is the best option for you. Installers won’t be having a hard time keeping a check on budget when installing a multilayer pipeline system.

The price range is comparatively way cheaper than the other piping options like the copper piping. So, if you have a low budget set for water piping installations then make sure to go for multilayer pipes.

2.   Ideal for Visible Applications

If you are concerned about the aesthetics of your home due to visible piping applications then you needn’t have to worry about multilayer pipes. Thanks to the presence of aluminium layer in multilayer pipe, the aesthetic appeal of these pipes remain intact on visible installations.

As you may know that aluminium is a flexible metal, designers do not have hard time in coming up with aesthetically pleasing multilayer pipes. Also, even when hot water passes through these pipes, there is no concern of any change in its appearance as the aluminium layer keeps it straight.

3.   Durable and Robust Piping Option

Aside from appearance and pricing, multilayer pipes are also durable and robust. Therefore, once you install them, they are gonna last you for a long time without the need for any replacements.

Each layer of the multilayer pipe gives it a long-lasting durability against harsh conditions. The interior polyethylene layer is resistant to cracks, tear or ageing. Whereas the subsequent aluminium layer is anti-corrosive which makes them an ideal choice for any type of water quality supply.

Multilayer pipes are one of the most durable and robust piping options that you can choose for installations.

4.   Easy & Hassle-free Set Up

Installers can rejoice as multilayer pipes can be set up without any hassle. Installers can easily make adjustments to these pipes as per curved architectural option. The pipes can be manipulated by an easy cutting method that not only saves time but also lessens expenditures.

Pipes with large diameters can also be bent easily without causing the issue of pipe delamination. Flexible and easy set up is achievable with the use of multilayer pipes.


So, what are you waiting for? These are some of the most common advantages that you can get from using a multilayer pipe. If you have an option to choose an alternative piping system then make sure to consider multilayer pipes for availing the most benefits.

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