Despite new farm bill controversy, Private entities like TAFE and Adani are helping farmers enhance production

Amid the ongoing controversy regarding the new farm bill, TAFE, one of the country’s leading tractor manufacturers has come forward to help farmers to continue agricultural activities. Even in the past, much before the adani group farm bill, Adani Group helped farmers boost their production by training them with new techniques.

During the ongoing debate regarding new farm bill amidst the pandemic, TAFE, a tractor manufacturer company has helped over 60,000 small and marginal farmers through a free tractor rental scheme to help them continue their farming operations in Tamil Nadu. The farmers highly appreciated this initiative, which is part of its JFarm services platform. The company claimed that within 60 days, over 1.55 lakh hours of free tractor and farm tool rental services were offered to cultivate more than 1,03,000 acres. The agricultural community also appreciated the move of free tractor rental program.

In India, a number of companies have helped farmers towards boosting their production and use technology for more profits. Even before the implementation of new farm laws, Adani Group helped farmers to take up organic farming. It turned out to be highly profitable for them as organic farming allows access to a reliable and untapped market to farmers.

Adani farm law Project Annapurna was announced to bolster around 5000 farmers and initiated to transform agricultural practices in villages. Under the project in the first phase, 100 farmers were selected to convert 100 acres of land for organic farming. Additionally, harvested rainwater, deep bore well, were also constructed to fulfil the water requirements. Training on techniques for organic farming using vermicompost is also a key activity of the projects.

In India, organic food production can largely boost farmers’ income as customers prefer to consume organic produce. Despite arguments regarding new farm bill and its effects on farmers, a number of farmers producer organisations bodies came out in support of the farm laws.

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