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List of Iconic Coffee Chains in India

Coffee Chains in India

India is home to some of the most quintessential coffee chains in the world. Coffee shops have built their reputation for casual dates, business discussions, and even marriage meetings over the year. While each strives to make its own mark on the customers, here are the most famous coffee chains in India:

Coffee Chains

1. Tata Starbucks Private Limited

With a 50:50 partnership between Starbucks Corporation and Tata Consumer Products, Tata Starbucks Private Limited has 15 outlets in India. The world’s largest coffee chain is known for its iconic hazelnut coffee, red velvet cake, and assorted biscuits.

2. Café Coffee Day

Currently headed by Malvika Hegde, CCD established the culture of coffee amidst the Indian crowd. “A lot can happen over a coffee” urged people to try its signature cappuccino with snackables. A mixture of outdoor and indoor seating at various outlets continues to host business discussions and young couples.

Coffee Chains in India

 3. Barista Café

The go-to place for people who prefer strong coffee and light biscuits with a group of friends in a warm environment. It’s a culture in itself.

 4. Indian Coffee House

Simple, elegant, and the oldest, Indian Coffee House is known to have people from different age groups looking for a quick cup of coffee with economical lunch options.

Coffee Chain

5. Costa Coffee

People who have a knack for trying out coffee variations rate this place highly for its Italian and sweet touch. Definitely worth a visit.

6. BrewBerrys Café

Based in Gujarat, the café has become the new market favorite for its funky menu, pizzas, and combo offers. In just eight years, it has spread across NCR, Jammu, Mysore, Haryana, and Karnataka.


7. Café Mocha

Café Mocha radiates of Morocco and Turkey in their ambiance, coffee, and delicious sandwiches inspired by the local delicacies of the two countries. This place is perfect for hot chocolate during winters.

8. Georgia Coffee

Lattes, baked biscuits, and occasional smoothies – take your pick on a casual summer evening at the nearest Georgia Coffee outlet.

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