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These 5 Places Are The Most Travelled Destinations Kerala | How Many Have You Explored?

Best Places to Visit in Kerala

Best Places to Visit in Kerala: From the verdant hues of its coconut trees, scrumptious cuisine to the refreshing backwaters, Kerala is all about a serene breath of air amid the unique culture and geography. 

Kerala is known specially for its lagoons and backwaters that offer a peaceful ride through the southern wilderness. Tourism in Kerala has surged significantly as more and more travel enthusiasts explored the greens, teas and coffee of this beautiful southern state. According to the state tourism minister, A Muhammad Riyas, 1.88 crore domestic tourists visited the state in 2022. And as per reports Wayanad, Alappuzha, Malappuram, Thiruvananthapuram, Idukki, and Pathanamthitta. were the most visited places in Kerala.

Most Travelled Places in Kerala:-


Best of Malappuram tourist places include names of Kottakkunnu, Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary, Keralam Kundu Waterfalls, Nedumkayam, Arimbra Hills, Adyanpara Waterfalls, and many others to explore. There are a number of elements that make up the city of Malappuram a favorite among tourists.

Apart from being a beautiful green addition on the map of God’s Own Country, Malapuram is a city that has seen an extensive history in the past and has developed through it. Be it the forest ranges of the city with coconut plantations, the river belt of Bharathapuzha, rainforests of Nedumkayam, the beauty of the river Challiyar, birds in Purathur, or the festive mood of the entire city throughout the year.

Alappuzha or Alleppy

Alappuzha or Alleppy, is famous for its backwaters, beaches and lagoons. This beautiful destination  down south is a travellers’ delight. Explore the dense and exotic vegetation covers rising on the boats on the backwaters. During rains, the flora and fauna blooms in glory and will leave you in complete awe. It is a perfect place for all nature lovers. Also, one can find this name under top honeymoon destinations as well.

In addition to all natural colours of this place, palm wine and Ayurvedic resorts that could make you stay in Alleppy brilliant. If you plan your visit in August- September, you might as well get a chance t0 catch a glimpse of the traditional snake boat race.


Replete with waterfalls, historical caves, comfortable resorts and homestays, Wayanad in Kerala is famous for its spice plantations and wildlife. Walking through the sprawling spice plantations, trekking to the pre-historic caves and experiencing a resort holiday are one of the many things you can do to get a taste of Wayanad.

Wayanad is best known for the wildlife reserves – Wayanad wildlife reserve which is home to an exquisite variety of flora and fauna. Wayanad wildlife reserve is an integral part of the Nilgiri biosphere reserve peacefully located amidst the serene hills of Western Ghats.


The spice garden of Kerala, Idukki is a qaunt little hamlet landlocked in the Western Ghats.  With resplendent beauty to gaze, Idukki offers a calming ambience. Conferred with on of the most amazing waterfalls, exotic wildlife, Idukki is an idyllic hill sations perfect for family picninc, camping and trekking trails.  Inhaling the fragrance of the spices, a lasting impression of Idukki is ingrained on the mind which compels the traveller to visit again. Such the charm of Idukki!


Pathanamthitta is the head quarters of Pathanamthitta district . The district was formed on Ist November 1982. It was carved out of Idukki, Alappuzha and Kollam districts.The district is close to the western Ghats and is endowed with scenic landscape comprising of low undulating hills, extensive stretches of lush forests, rivers and charming countryside. It is also known for exuberant fairs and festivals. Pathanamthitta district is known as the ‘Headquarters of Pilgrimage Tourism’, of the State. Pathanamthitta has an important place in erstwhile Travancore state the biggest taluk in the old Travancore state was Pathanamthitta and the revenue collection from this taluk played a prominent role in filling the coffers of the state.The district headquarters is noted for communal and cultural harmony. There are numerous churches, temples and mosques built in close proximity. Situated near the Western Ghats and bordered by the hills, Pathanamthitta district is a treat to eyes with its vast unending stretches of forests, rivers and rural landscapes. Blessed by nature, the district is famous for its scenic beauty, fairs and festivals.

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