Tue. Feb 20th, 2024

In a shocking revelation that has sent shockwaves through Nepal’s business community, Chaudhary Group, led by billionaire Binod Chaudhary, is facing grave allegations involving the kidnapping of an employee’s father, extortion, and connections to the Pandora Papers scandal. This distressing revelation comes to light following an on-site study conducted by the Human Rights Treaty Monitoring Coordination Committee, a network of 44 human rights organizations in Nepal.

Nepal’s YouTube Channel ‘Thaha’ recently published a detailed video supported by facts and reference links. The issue has also been highlighted by multiple media houses, contributing to the growing concern over the scandal.

The most egregious accusation centers around the reported kidnapping of Laxmikant Sharma, an Indian national and the father of a Chaudhary Group employee. Reports suggest that Sharma was allegedly held captive in a guest house by Binod Chaudhary himself for over a month. The alleged motive behind this abduction relates to the embezzlement of Rs nine million by Sharma’s son, who worked as a cashier at Chaudhary Group of Industries.

Sharma’s son, Shashikant, was subsequently transferred from Kathmandu District Police Office after a five-day detention order was issued. Authorities maintain that he played a crucial role in the embezzlement case and received a significant sum of the stolen money. Tragically, another individual implicated in the embezzlement, Bishnu Maheshwori, reportedly took his own life while being interrogated at the district police station.

Chaudhary Group’s senior staff staunchly denied the allegations, asserting that Laxmikant Sharma was kept in confinement for his own safety. This assertion contradicts Sharma’s claim that he was abducted in connection with the stolen money, raising significant concerns about the conflicting narratives surrounding this troubling incident.

Adding to the controversy, Chaudhary Group and Binod Chaudhary have become embroiled in the Pandora Papers scandal. The Pandora Papers, a massive leak of financial documents, implicated numerous global figures in offshore financial activities. The involvement of Nepal’s only billionaire and his conglomerate in such a scandal raises serious questions about the extent of influence and ethical practices within the company.

The Human Rights Treaty Monitoring Coordination Committee, comprised of 44 human rights organizations, conducted an on-site study that revealed alleged human rights violations by Chaudhary Group. The claim suggests that innocent individuals were held captive for extortion, potentially violating fundamental human rights principles.

Perhaps most disconcerting is the apparent lack of consequences for those involved, with Binod Chaudhary remaining free, purportedly due to his significant influence. This situation highlights the challenges of ensuring justice when powerful individuals are implicated in serious allegations.

As the investigation unfolds, the accusations against Chaudhary Group and Binod Chaudhary underscore the pressing need for an impartial and thorough inquiry into the matter. The impact of these revelations on Nepal’s business landscape remains uncertain, but the ongoing legal proceedings will be crucial in determining the veracity of these disturbing allegations and addressing the potential influence at play.

By B Aashu

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