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5 Best Mobile Apps to Tackle the Pandemic Weight Gain

When the COVID-19 pandemic prompted social distancing and stay-at-home orders, people were left stressed, anxious, sedentary, and snacking most of the time.

According to research, more than 20% of adults reported weight gain during this time. Lack of proper sleep, erratic sleep cycles, binge eating, stress eating, and inadequate physical activities were the primary reasons behind the weight gain.

Since going outdoors and gyms is not a feasible option amidst the pandemic, the importance of self-awareness, and self-monitoring your daily habits at home becomes paramount.  

The good news is, technology can definitely help you get back on track. To show you how, in this article, you will learn about the five best mobile apps proven highly beneficial in tracking and modifying your lifestyle. These can provide specific support based on your habits and preferences to help you reach your weight loss goals. 

As you read, you will also get answers to the key questions for health and fitness.

So, let us explore the apps.

1. MyFitnessPal


MyFitnessPal is a top-rated health and fitness app that offers you a convenient way to lose weight. With this app, you can track your calorie intake, customize daily goals, and learn about healthy foods and recipes.

Logging what you eat and drink in a day in this app can take less than 10 minutes. In return, you get valuable insights by experts on what lifestyle and exercise regime you should follow to achieve your weight loss goals. 

Always remember that losing weight is not the ultimate goal, but maintaining good health is. When you begin this journey, naturally, there are a lot of health-related concepts to understand. 

The best way to understand them is to discuss important health questions and answers on the most talked-about discussion forums and Q & A platforms. Here you get to learn from experts and peers the importance of good night sleep, stress-free life, and more related to your overall health.

2. Step Tracker

Research has shown that 10,000 steps are an excellent daily goal to keep yourself fit and in the best health. In the wake of the pandemic, most of us have lost the motivation to keep moving in a day.  We are looking for external factors and reasons to do so.

In such cases, a pedometer app like Step Tracker becomes a must-have. Here’s why:

  • You can auto track your daily steps (even inside the house, in your garden, or nearby park.)
  • You can also check the duration and distance walked, pace, calories burned, etc.
  • You can analyze your visual progress by looking at clear graphical representations.

When you see the number of steps go up in the app, you’ll be tempted to reach that 10,000 step-goal by the end of the day and challenge yourself by building new step goals.

3. Sworkit


No gym and equipment access?

Home workout is probably the only way to lose weight, gain muscle, improve flexibility, and more.

With the best apps like Sworkit, your workout at home or on the go can be just as effective as a gym workout. 

In this app, you get access to a variety of exercises that you can do anywhere, which includes:

  • Cardio workouts 
  • Bodyweight workouts
  • Stretching exercise
  • Yoga poses and asanas

The app comes with a timer and tracker to help you measure your progress. Here are some ways Sworkit makes the workout fun and convenient for you:

  • Hundreds of workouts and exercises to choose from and do at your convenience. 
  • Workout recommendation and customization option as per your preferences, time availability, and goals.
  • Consistent support for fitness and nutrition by certified trainers.

    4. Lose it!

On any given day, it is hard to note how much food you are eating, which can make you gain excess weight without realizing it.

Lose It! is one of the most common calorie counting apps by those looking forward to shedding extra weight in a short period. The app helps track your calorie intake and enables you to make healthy food choices in your daily life.

lose it

All you need to do is

  • Download the app
  • Enter your calorie goals
  • Start tracking the food that you consume

The best aspect of Lose It! is that it connects you with people also paving their way to their best selves.

5. Yummly


What will happen when you do not have adequate knowledge about food and cooking delectable cuisines using natural ingredients? You can end up making unhealthy food choices. 

Having a food recipe mobile app like Yummly helps you generate a list of delicious and easy recipes in a click. Asian, American, Mexican, Indian, Chinese- you name the cuisine, the app has it all. 

The app allows you to enter your dietary restrictions and food preferences, like Keto, Paleo, vegetarian, pescetarian, no daily, low fat, to offer you recipes that are healthy yet suit your taste buds.

Create the Right Environment to Stay Fit

When you have decided to lose the unwanted pounds and change the way you eat and exercise, it is essential to clear off any distractions other than using these apps.

With timely notifications, reminders, and goal-based weight management activities, you can say bye-bye to extra calories and shape yourself into a healthier and active person in no time!

Success Story of Arati Saha – the groundbreaking Indian swimmer

Arati Saha, a groundbreaking Indian long distance swimmer and Olympian, on what would have been her 80th birthday.

On 29 September 1959 she became the first Asian woman to cross the English Channel, swimming 42 miles from Cape Gris Nez, France to Sandgate, England. She told interviewers later in her life that she was inspired by Indian swimmer Mihir Sen.

Saha was born in Kolkata Bengali, one of three children. Her incredible athletic gift emerged early in her life and Saha won her first gold medal for swimming at 5 years old, under the tutelage of her mentor Sachin Nag. By 11 years old, she was known as a swimming prodigy.

Today’s doodle was drawn by fellow Kolkata native, artist Lavanya Naidu. Naidu hopes her drawing helps inspire people everywhere to ‘dream big, no matter where you come from.’

Saha earned multiple honors in her early career, including setting an all-India record in 1949 and breaking Dolly Nazir’s all-India record in a 1951 West Bengal state meet. Nazir and Saha would represent India together at the 1952 Olympics, and was one of the four women participants.

After the Olympics, Saha focused on practicing the breaststroke, consistently her best category. She also started participating in a long-distance swim competition in the Ganges. She reached out to congratulate Bengladeshi swimmer Brojen Das when he became the first Asian swimmer to cross the English Channel in 1952. He went on to recommend Arati Saha to the Butlin International Cross Channel Swimming Race organizers for the 1953 event. Despite her popularity and wide support, she struggled to raise the funding to travel to England until the Prime Minister of India, Jawahar Lal Nehru, offered her support.

Arati Saha’s training regime was more than rigorous. At one point, she swam for eight straight hours at the pond in Deshbandhu Park, and then went on to double her time. After six years of training, Saha traveled to England on 24 July 1959.

Her first event was plagued with mishaps. Her pilot boat was almost an hour late, and she missed favorable conditions. Saha came within five miles of the English coast, but had to turn back for her own safety.

On 29 September 1959 Arati Saha made her second attempt at crossing the English Channel. She was for an astonishing 16 hours and 20 minutes, covering 42 miles. When she reached the English shores, Saha hoisted the flag of India.

After her historic victory, she married her longtime manager Dr. Arun Gupta in 1959. The next year she was awarded Padma Shri, one of India’s highest civilian honors, in 1960. The Department of Posts created a postage stamp in her honor in 1999. Google doodle artist Lavanya Naidu was an avid stamp collector as a kid in the ‘90s, and remembers her excitement at seeing her hometown hero on a stamp.

Arati Saha had one daughter, Archana, and worked for the railways through her adult life. She passed away on 4 August 1994.


How to clean Aluminum Entryways and Windows?

Aluminum entryways and windows are an incredible alternative for any home. They are anything but difficult to introduce, keep up, and have a more drawn out life expectancy than wood or other metal choices. In any case, your aluminum fixings despite everything need a touch of affection and consideration regarding keep them looking great and working easily.

Cleaning the Aluminum Windows and Doors:

As a beginning stage, your windows and entryways ought to be cleaned at regular intervals. This is expected all windows normally collecting soil and flotsam and jetsam on both within and outside.

Despite the fact that cleaning your windows is a moderately clear procedure, it’s as yet significant that the correct advances are followed, else, you could chance to harm your edges and surfaces.

In this way, in case you’re quick to discover how to clean your aluminum windows and entryways with the best outcomes, at that point read on!

Stage 1: Wash and scour

Likewise, with any family unit or business cleaning, it’s in every case best to begin your clean from the most noteworthy point, working your way down to the base. On the off chance that you do this, you won’t hazard earth and flotsam and jetsam falling onto regions you have just been cleaned.

Outwardly surface of the windows, utilize a hose to splash off and release earth adhered to the window sheet and edge. Within, tenderly wipe down the surfaces with a wet cloth or fabric.

Next, blend cleanser in with warm water and start to wipe over the casing and glass surfaces with a new fabric; a smaller scale fiber material will give you the best outcomes.

It’s significant your cleanser is non-basic having a PH level of 7 or less if it’s higher you could harm your window outlines.

Line this up with a last scour, to evacuate any residual trash develop. Ensure you clean all metal and glass surfaces, just as window joints and notches.

This scour is especially basic for sliding windows, as grime stores can influence their capacity to handily open and close.

A careful clean likewise presents the ideal chance to check for any harm, permitting you to sort out fixes without the circumstance compounding.

Stage 2: Rinse and grease up

Following your wash down, flush all the glass and metal surfaces with fabrics, utilizing towels to absorb any abundance of water. For the glass, it merits polishing it off with a squeegee, for an extraordinary without streak result.

You would then be able to give the casing a last wipe down moving consistently with a material one way. This will make a shining and steady completion.

Presently is likewise a decent an ideal opportunity to apply grease to support your entryways and windows open easily.

Before applying, ensure your locking framework and pivots are totally dry; it may be a smart thought to utilize a blower to be certain they are.

Stage 3: Polish and appreciate

The ideal opportunity to return some try to please aluminum entryways and windows is soon after they’ve been cleaned. Steel fleece (the better) and more water is all you need.

It’s significant that cleaning your window and door jambs will take a lot of time, so ensure you load up some great music or web recordings before handling it!

On the off chance that you discover your window and door jambs are as yet dull, significantly after broad cleaning, it might be on the grounds that they have anodized, because of extensive stretches of presentation to the components.

If so, at that point it might be simpler for you to contact an expert cleaner who can utilize particular instruments to evacuate the oxide development. Furthermore, recall, before focusing on anything, it merits checking a temporary worker’s costs!

Stage 4: Preparing for painting

Painting aluminum window outlines are a decent option in contrast to normal cleaning them.

It likewise allows you to take another look or vibe for your home or room without expelling or take a gander at substitution windows. It additionally implies a more extensive scope of aluminum window outline hues will be accessible to you.

Bottom Line:

Prior to painting, apply a groundwork to the aluminum surfaces. Preliminaries guarantee your paint will adhere to the surface and be less inclined to chipping off.

Prior to beginning, it merits reaching an expert for guidance on which groundwork is most appropriate to your windows – the group at DeltraGlobal will gladly help! Deltraglobal is the best aluminium windows manufacturers in hyderabad.

Also, that is it! There’s all the data you have to get your aluminum windows and entryways looking astonishing

Macwin Pharmaceuticals echoed its success by launching quintessential Veg Wash + product

Macwin pharmaceuticals echoed its success by launching quintessential Veg Wash + product

“Survival of the fittest” theory by Darwin come to the fore during this ubiquitous pandemic. At present it is a Hobson’s choice to keep yourself fit both physically and mentally for any challenges. This may take a week, a month or an year. We all should be sincere, determined and optimist enough that we can easily allow any alteration to creep in our lifestyle. Changes in food habits are a need of the hour and the initial step towards healthiness.  Ditching unhealthy food, drinking lots of water and consuming fresh fruits and vegetable will definitely pick- you -up to win this combat. All these habits drastically ramps up your immunity and lay off the mood swings due to stress and increase your viability.

Aptly consumption of fruits and vegetables is an art nowadays. Fruits and vegetables is a natural habitat for various unwanted microbes, especially in the pandemic time, which leads to creep in discrete number of diseases and cause health hazard. Various gems and other impurities are present on the skin surfaces of the fruits and vegetables which can be a cause of an infection.  Washing the fruits and vegetables with water gives only a false sense of security.

Macwin Pharmaceuticals being visionary, understood this complication beforehand and launched quintessential “Macwin veg wash +” product to squeaky clean the fruits and veggies. This product keeps away many toxic elements like bacteria, viruses, chemicals, dirt, oil, wax and other impurities.


  • It is a formula made with food – grade ingredients (human safe).
  • Keeps fruits and veggies fresh and healthy.
  • Elongates shelf – life for longer period of time.
  • Removes harmful bacteria and viruses.
  • Removes other impurities also like pesticides, insecticides, chemicals, sand, oil, dirt, wax etc.
  • Ingredients of product do not harm fruits and vegetable.
  • Product thoroughly cleans the skin of the fruits and veggies and does not leave any residue on the skin.
  • It does not leave any taste or smell in the fruits and veggies.
  • It is an easy to use product.
  • Made with natural ingredients.

Instructions to use:

  • Mix 10 ml (2 tbsp.) of Veg wash plus concentrate in 500 ml of water.
  • Let the fruits and veggies sink in the solution for more than 1 minute.
  • Rub each piece of the fruits and veggies thoroughly and gently.
  • Wash the fruits and vegetables under running tap water.

 Safety Information:

  • For external use only.
  • Wash the fruits and vegetables before cutting them.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Avoid direct contact with eyes.

According to the MD of Macwin Pharmaceuticals, Mr. Sanjay Kumar, “This product is in a great demand nowadays because of the rise in an adoption of healthy lifestyle, surge in demand for the fruits and veggies surface hygiene and rise in number of health – conscious consumers, which eventually triggered the growth of the company”.

How to think about a woven artwork(Tapestry)?

The most significant intentions for care for a woven artwork are

  1. Step by step instructions to securely clean an embroidered artwork with vacuuming,
  2. The most effective method to evacuate wrinkles with a “steam machine” or steam iron from the back, and additionally utilization of a base pole pocket and bar,
  3. Step by step instructions to maintain a strategic distance from shading blurring with decreasing direct daylight, and 4. where to put the woven artwork in your home.

Divider embroideries require little upkeep after they have been set up in your home.

In any case, there are a few hints that will assist you with making sure that your embroidered works of art will keep up their magnificent excellence for a lifetime!

They will keep on oozing their astounding magnificence and appeal for whatever length of time that you need, to keep on charming you and your visitors.

So here are the ordinarily posed inquiries and their answers!

Where would it be advisable for me to hang my woven artwork?

You may put your  Mandala Tapestry in an area that is not presented to coordinate daylight for the whole day, in the event that you need to abstain from blurring of the embroidery.

Most dividers in the home won’t have this issue of over the top daylight.

Simply watch that the divider where you’ll hang your woven artwork is concealed for a few or the greater part of the day.

Additionally, pick an area that is nonpartisan as far as exorbitant warmth or dampness.

Parlors, studies, corridors and rooms are perfect areas for embroidered works of art. Here, you and your visitors will in general set aside more effort to appreciate your specialty embroidered works of art.

Spots not to hang an embroidered artwork:

Kitchens and washrooms then again will cause dampness maintenance in the woven artwork because of their warmth and dampness levels.

As referenced above, places with significant levels of direct daylight may bring about hues blurring quicker after some time.

How would I expel a wrinkle of twist or wrinkle in the embroidered artwork?

As embroideries might be collapsed or overflowed with travel, a mellow wrinkle or twist might be available.

Here are 5 different ways to evacuate embroidery wrinkles:

  1. These are typically settled when you spread out the embroidery or when you hang it.
  2. If you have to evacuate a wrinkle or twist in your embroidery before hanging a woven artwork, you can just lie it level and spot a few books or loads on it for a while.
  3. If you utilize an iron on the rear of the embroidered artwork, consistently utilize a material between the iron and the rear of the embroidery, and just utilize a low to medium warmth, and you may utilize steam.
  4. If you have a steam machine, you can utilize it on the front while the woven artwork is hanging. Note that inordinate warmth or dampness may harm your embroidered artwork textures, so you ought to consistently do so cautiously and evade unnecessary warmth or dampness.
  5. Alternatively, when you hang your embroidered artwork, you can embed a pole on the base of the embroidery if there is a bar pocket at the base, to assist it with hanging in a compliment way.

Woven artworks that don’t accompany a bar pocket at the base will have a pole pocket specially sewn.

How would I clean a woven artwork?

As a rule, in the event that you drape a woven artwork in a room other than a kitchen or restroom, they ought to regularly not require cleaning frequently.

Here are 5 different ways to clean an embroidery on the off chance that you do need to do this:

  1. To clean your embroidered artwork in a little territory, essentially utilize a delicate brush, for example, a dry, perfect, delicate paint brush on its surface.
  2. You can likewise utilize a vacuum cleaner with a spotless upholstery head connection, to tenderly vacuum the woven artwork surface.
  3. Professional woven artwork cleaners are additionally accessible in certain spots.

Will woven artwork hues blur after some time?

Being a texture workmanship, embroidered works of art may blur after some time, this may take an exceptionally well before this occurs.

In any case, remember that a few people really favor a somewhat blurred appearance of an embroidery as it’s with regards to their style and character.

To abstain from blurring, it is ideal to pick an area that has lower levels of direct daylight.


A woven artwork requires a smidgen of care when setting up, and the infrequent upkeep varying.

By adhering to these basic guidelines, you’ll have a lifetime of delight from your embroidered works of art.


How to Rank on the First Page of Google Promptly

Your content is considered great only if it ranks on the first page of google search results. This means you may have brilliant content however if it is not ranking at the top, it will not reach desired users and it will be of no use. Almost 97% of content falls in his category because only a handful makes it to google the first page. Let’s discuss how you can achieve a higher rank on google.

Focus on opportunity keywords – These are Regular keywords but slightly better. These are the keywords with high organic click-thru rates (CTR). Look at the search results page before picking keywords and look for clean words that are organic and will give you more organic clicks. For example – Video Editing Checklist falls under such word which is a regular keyword however will in all likelihood, give you more clicks. You may try tools such as Google Keyword Planner which is under the Google Ads tool and is a great resource to find keywords that have higher chances of clicks. As mentioned earlier Google SERP can give you all that you need in terms of keywords for your content. There’s related search, Snippets, top-ranking sites. You just need to make good use of them.

Understand Content Competition – Before jumping into content creation, do extensive research and analysis of what is already out there on SERP for that topic. Let’s say you want to write about fake news, there may be tons of information already out there and to provide the same stuff is of no use and doesn’t come under high-quality and relevant category. By looking at SERPs you can quickly see what is that people are looking at and most interested in Google algorithms has already done the hard work you just need to have a keen eye. Give what consumer wants neatly. So you can provide something different and better which is yet to be answered.

Content Intent – Focus on content intent of users while going for a specific topic. Google ranks page as per what users’ intents to search. You may have written a great post however if the user intent to get it in a different form it won’t rank well. An example can be a detailed post versus a list post. Idea is to make your content closer to human’ way of understanding any concept. Google uses semantic-based search engine design which means the focus is not just on simple keywords but on their overall context and concept as well. Their tools can help you find content tags that google uses to interlink the keywords with related phrases and concepts. Make sure to utilize them and use as many tags you can use in your content. It will make your content more friendly and closes to natural language hence improved SEO. You can contact an SEO company to know more about SEO.

Content Design – Your content design can make or break your SEO. Imagine that you just wrote the best post ever written. However, it is not designed properly and will simply be a big box full of text which search engine can’t crawl or understand. We need to make sure out content design is not user friendly in terms of readability it should be search engine friendly as well. Make sure better use of Images, SEO banners, and charts. Use of lists, Charts, and so on. Visuals look cool and also make people understand complicated stuff on your website.

Optimize your sites (On-page SEO)

Once you have the keywords it’s time to optimize your content by using them. Make sure the keyword appears within the first 200 words of your article or content so crawlers can pick them and also early in the title tags.

  • Keywords – “Key” words are the key for SEO; make sure you use your target keyword in your URL. The use of keywords in H1, H2, and H3 heading tags also ensures better SEO results.
  • Use short URLs –Studies have shown shorter URLs have a higher ranking. So whenever creating URL, make sure it’s not super lengthy and crisp
  • Internal links –You should add link from higher authority pages to lower. This will complete the user experience as you will guide your audience to what they should go for next. The more they stay on their website better for you.

Add a Hook – It is part of Advanced SEO; you need to figure out why people backlink in your industry, i.e., find the hook and then add the hook in your content. Create something new, position your content as a comprehensive guide that has everything about that topic. This will help you get backlinks as other people will use it as a reference for specific features and aspects. While presenting a case study focus on one specific result instead of providing too many results because of which it hampers the backlink process.

Build Backlinks – It’s a key SEO factor. Reach out to authority bloggers in your industries who may have posted on the same topic recently since they are already interested in better chances of getting shares and backlinks. Look out to broken links and offer your post as a replacement. The most important factor remains to encourage community building and comments. Make sure to reply to every comment it builds trust and community.