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Adani GODDA Foundation, leveraging technology for strengthening the future of Indian education

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The journey of education system is dotted with innumerable milestones in India and most recently with technology-enabled learning. Surge in digital education has become plausible to minimize the challenges faced by the schooling sector.

Despite the earnest attempts, the most imperative segment still faces numerous issues due to the absence of adequate assets. To ensure that no child remains uneducated, big corporate giants are coming forward to offer accessible education even in the remotest part of the country.

Aiming to give wings to the dreams of students, Adani Godda Foundation is leveraging technology for providing quality education through its CSR arm Adani Foundation. The foundation launched Project Gyanodaya in Godda for educating the children of rural India. This initiative covers around 600 schools across 200 villages of Godda district benefitting over 65,000 students.

Apart from equipping students with necessary infrastructure for education, this smart e-learning project additionally focuses on analyzing the performance of each student. Timely feedback is provided to them in order to enhance their performance outcomes.

The learning model is followed by daily assessments which involve audio-visual classrooms with animated and contextualized lectures. The videos are kept super interactive to ensure better engagement and attentiveness from the students. The program also enhances digital skills, decision making capabilities of the student and raises cultural awareness.

To facilitate social and economic progress, education plays a pivotal role. In India, the school dropout rate has been primarily high due of lack of basic infrastructure, non-qualified early childhood educators and insufficient study materials. Ensuring quality education in rural India has been a major concern since decades.

To overcome the challenges and reduce the gap of digital divide between urban and rural areas, this Gyanodaya project by Adani Godda Foundation was designed. The project upgrades the quality of education by utilizing relevant technology and at the same time, it retains the established teaching and learning methodologies.

With these efforts, students of the district have now access to the complete classroom sessions at their home also. All the lectures, chapter-wise exams and doubt sessions with subject teachers are accessible without any charges on the Eckovation App. This Adaptive Learning technique is based on Artificial Intelligence Technology.

Adani Foundation in Godda,Jharkhand associated with Eckovation and launched their Gyanodaya project for promoting online learning through smart classes. It is also declared as an aspirational district by Niti Aayog.

With such programs by Adani Foundation in Godda, the scope of learning has expanded and it is not just limited to textbooks. The educational revolution can be witnessed in this district of Jharkhand which is empowering students along the way. Through digital learning tools, future of Indian education is strengthening.

The project began in 2018 by engaging and interacting with students through e-learning videos.

Adani Foundation, Godda aims to make quality education affordable or cost-free for maximum students. Apart from running numerous smart learning programs, the company also focuses towards adopting government schools which are being operated in remote areas for channelizing the true potential of children. Aanganwadis and Balwadis are also aided by the organization for creating a fun-filled environment for the students.

With the years long efforts by Adani Godda, Jharkhand the story of quality education continues to grow with the promise of a brighter tomorrow. The program is also expanding by reaching out to more villages and government schools in the district, thus opening the new doors to an exciting classroom experience for more students.

The scalability of such educational model and programs is ensuring that maximum children can reap the benefits and pave their way towards a better and bright future. Such efforts towards the people will drastically transform the roots of various districts of Jharkhand state.

Education system in India dates back to centuries when students were taught in Gurukuls and system of Guru-shishya was followed. It was later improved with universities like Nalanda and Takshashila. Quality education has been the stepping stone of various successful individuals.

Today, it becomes inevitable to ensure that capable and meriting candidates don’t land into failure positions due to scarcity of resources. The efforts dedicated by Adani Godda stands out and inspire more organizations for doing their bit for strengthening the youth.

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