Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

Bengaluru ranks third in India for highest average annual salary, with Solapur and Mumbai taking the top spots, according to Average Salary Survey.

Karnataka capital Bengaluru secured a top spot in the list of the cities with the highest average annual salary, coming third only to Solapur and Mumbai, according to an analysis by Average Salary Survey. In its most recent data, published this month, it took 11,570 salary surveys to determine that the average annual salary in India is at ₹18.9 lakh, with most Indian employees earning around ₹5.77 lakh.

Among cities, Maharashtra’s Solapur and Mumbai were on top, with employees earning ₹28.1 lakh and ₹21.2 lakh, respectively. Bengaluru was third, recording an average annual salary of ₹21 lakh. However, only 2 people were surveyed in Solapur, whereas 1,748 and 2,799 people were surveyed in Mumbai and Bengaluru, respectively. The most typical salary in Bengaluru stood at ₹9.88 lakh. Other cities in the top five included the national capital, Delhi ( ₹20.4 lakh), and Bhubaneshwar ( ₹19.9 lakh).

Other major cities including Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata and Ahmedabad found themselves in the eighth, 10th, 19th, 20th and 26th positions, respectively, in a list of around 54 cities. The survey also analysed average annual salary in terms of gender, age, education, experience, profession and designation.

The analysis found that men receive an average salary of ₹19.5 lakh, while women earn ₹15.1 lakh on average. It also determined that professions in management and business were the highest paying, followed by law, aviation and shipping, healthcare and medical, and finance and banking.

Employees with more years of experience earn higher, and those who have the highest educational qualifications were also found to out-earn those who have degrees below high school.

By B Aashu

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