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Hema Meena Case: Why this Woman Engineer of Madhya Pradesh is in Discussion?

ByManshi T

May 16, 2023
Hema Meena Case

Property worth crores has been recovered from the house of Hema Meena, an assistant engineer working on contract in Madhya Pradesh. The surprising thing is that Meena’s monthly salary is only Rs 30,000.

A case has come to the fore from Madhya Pradesh which will leave your eyes wide open. Yes, the Lokayukta team on Thursday raided the house of Madhya Pradesh Police Housing Corporation’s contractual assistant engineer Hema Meena in front of Bhopal Degree College in Bilkhiriya area, the nearby farm house and the office. hit. During this, the team has disclosed assets worth more than 7 crores.

Monthly Salary Only 30 Thousand Rupees

The most astounding aspect of this entire situation is that despite earning a mere salary of Rs 30,000 per month, Hema Meena has managed to construct an opulent farmhouse spanning 20,000 square feet on a two-acre plot. Within the premises, a television worth Rs 30 lakh has been installed. Furthermore, she raises 70 cows of the Gir breed and 65 dogs of rare and expensive breeds. The entrance to the farmhouse is guarded by security personnel equipped with walkie-talkies for communication.

During the raid, a total of 10 cars were discovered at Meena’s farmhouse. In addition, agricultural equipment worth several crores, gold worth 10.5 lakh, silver worth 8 thousand, and cash amounting to 70 thousand were also recovered. Furthermore, three Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) and bottles of premium liquor were among the items seized.

Numerous Documents Found at the Mansion

According to Lokayukta officials, numerous documents have been confiscated, and it will require two days to thoroughly evaluate the entire property. Lokayukta Police reveals that Hema Meena, a contractual assistant engineer earning a monthly salary of Rs 30,000, has accumulated assets exceeding her income by 232% over a period of 13 years of service. Based on her salary, Hema’s assets should have amounted to a maximum of Rs 18 lakh.

Explain that Assistant Engineer Hema Meena lives in a 40-room bungalow built on 20,000 square feet of land in her father’s name. Its price is estimated to be more than Rs 1 crore.

Recovered Roti Making Machine

What stands out is that Hema Meena utilized walkie-talkies to communicate with numerous employees within the expansive premises covering 20 thousand square feet. Furthermore, during the Lokayukta police raid, a roti making machine was discovered at the contract engineer’s bungalow. This machine, valued at Rs 2.50 lakh, is specifically employed to prepare bread for dogs.

One TV for 30 lakhs 

Hema Meena’s bungalow was brimming with lavish possessions. A room belonging to the contract engineer, who earns a monthly salary of Rs 30,000, contained an unused TV set worth Rs 30 lakh, still packaged in a box. Additionally, the engineer’s bungalow yielded a collection of 10 high-end vehicles, including 2 trucks, 1 tanker, and a Mahindra Thar.

The Team Skillfully Penetrated the Bungalow

Upon the arrival of a 50-member team from the Lokayukta police to take action against Hema Meena, the guards stationed at the bungalow halted their progress. However, the team members, disguised in civilian attire, identified themselves as officers from the Animal Husbandry Department. Under the pretense of inspecting the installed solar panels, they gained access to the premises. Subsequently, Hema Meena, who was present inside, was ushered into a room, her mobile phone was seized, and further proceedings were initiated.

Was Contractually Engaged 13 Years Ago

Based on the available information, Hema Meena, a resident of Chapna village in Raisen district, has undergone a divorce from her husband. In the year 2011, she secured a contract position and is currently serving as the Assistant Engineer in-charge at the Madhya Pradesh Police Housing Corporation.

Items Seized During the Raid

1. The items recovered during the raid include a bungalow, a farm house, agricultural equipment valued in lakhs, and a dairy farm located in Bilkhiriya near Bhopal.

2. Additionally, government equipment worth lakhs from the housing board was found at the farm house.

3. Numerous foreign breed dogs such as Pitbulls and Dobermans were discovered on the premises.

4. Furthermore, there were cows of various breeds, totaling around 60-70.

5. The seized items also encompassed a TV, CCTV monitor, wardrobe, office table, and revolving chair.

6. A specially constructed room was found within the farm house, housing expensive liquor and cigarettes.

7. Furthermore, the raid uncovered 10 high-end vehicles, including 2 trucks, 1 tanker, and a Thar.

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