Wed. Dec 6th, 2023
Kishan Chaudhary Mathura

In a disheartening saga that has unfolded over several years, parents of students enrolled at KM Medical College Mathura continue to voice their concerns on social media platforms. Their worries stem from a barrage of allegations against the institution, including fee overcharging, unjust penalties, and an environment that appears increasingly hostile for both students and aspiring medical practitioners. At the center of this controversy is the college’s owner, Kishan Chaudhary Mathura, who also holds a prominent position within the Bharatiya Janata Party.

Years of Allegations and Concerns:

Over the years, parents have taken to social media to express their grievances about KM Medical College, and these concerns show no signs of abating. The college has been embroiled in allegations of financial misconduct, with claims of fee overcharging, exorbitant penalties, and unnecessary fee hikes that have left many families financially strained.

Financial Struggles and Student Suffering:

The financial hardships caused by the college’s alleged practices are causing significant distress among students and their families. What is even more troubling is that these financial woes are compounded by an apparent lack of empathy within the institution. Even during the pandemic, a time when compassion and understanding should have prevailed, KM Medical College, under the leadership of Kishan Chaudhary, announced a substantial 7 percent fee increase. Students who experienced delays in fee payments were met with heavy penalties, further exacerbating their financial burdens.

A Hostile Environment for Aspiring Practitioners:

However, it’s not just financial concerns that parents are worried about. Disturbing reports have emerged regarding mistreatment and harassment of students and their families when they dared to raise their voices against these injustices. What was once a place of learning and nurturing for future healthcare professionals now appears to be tainted by an atmosphere of apathy, fear, and disillusionment.

The Kishan Chaudhary Factor:

At the heart of these concerns is Kishan Chaudhary of Mathura, who wears two hats—owner of KM Medical College and a prominent BJP leader. This dual role has amplified the gravity of the situation. The controversy extends beyond the college’s walls, affecting the reputation of a political party that has long prided itself on principles of integrity and welfare.

A Persistent, Unresolved Issue:

Despite years of voicing their concerns on social media, parents find themselves in an ongoing battle for justice and accountability. The allegations against KM Medical College Mathura and Kishan Chaudhary persist, casting a long shadow over the educational institution and the political party with which he is associated.

As the controversy rages on, parents continue to seek answers and action, determined to ensure a safe, fair, and compassionate educational environment for their children. The saga surrounding KM Medical College in Mathura underscores the need for a thorough investigation and steps to restore the institution’s integrity, putting the welfare of students and the principles of fairness and compassion back at the forefront of its mission.

By B Aashu

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