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Amazon India is the country’s most attractive employer brand, says Survey

E-commerce giant Amazon India is the country’s most attractive employer brand, according to the findings of the Randstad Employer Brand Research (REBR) 2019. The company, which has more than 50,000 direct and indirect employees in India, has been steadily been expanding operations over the past five years.

According to the REBR 2019, released on Monday, Amazon scored high on financial health, utilisation of latest technologies and a strong reputation.

Microsoft India emerged as the runner-up, followed by Sony India. Others in the top 10 are Mercedes-Benz (4th), IBM (5th), Larsen & Toubro (6th), Nestlé (7th), Infosys (8th), Samsung (9th), and Dell (10th).

Google India had been inducted into the REBR’s Hall of Fame category last year for winning the coveted title of the most-attractive employer brand for three consecutive years.

The REBR covered 75 per cent of the global economy, with 32 participating countries and more than 200,000 respondents worldwide.

The top driver for the Indian workforce while choosing an employer are salary and employee benefits, followed by work-life balance and job security. “Employer branding has emerged as a crucial positioning tool for both companies seeking talent with must-have skills and candidates seeking organisations that can support their aspirations of realising a meaningful career,” said Paul Dupuis, managing director and chief executive officer Randstad India.

In an e-mail sent to senior team members last year, Amit Agarwal, head of Amazon India, has asked employees to allocate enough time to themselves, apart from work, and maintain a healthy “work-life harmony”.

“We will have occasions and commitments that require us to actually want to be engaged at odd hours, and even over multiple days. That is what owners do — step up and do what it takes. But by not making this our normal day, we will actually enjoy these moments,” he wrote.

He went on to ask employees to be more sensitive while making comments such as ‘half-day leave’ and ‘first shift’ about someone who might be taking early leave. Moreover, he asked them to steer away from forming negative perceptions around employees availing of flexible working hours or work-from-home facility.
The survey further noted that a vast majority (55 per cent) of Indians prefer to work for a large multi-national corporation, while a negligible 9 per cent preferred start-ups. The preference for multi-national companies (MNCs) can be strongly attributed to job security, financial health and career progression opportunities, which these organisations offer to their employees.

The survey also noted that the Indian workforce prefers to work for companies operating in sectors like IT, ITeS and telecom (67 per cent), retail, FMCG and e-commerce (67 per cent), followed by automotive (66 per cent) and BFSI (65 per cent).