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Here’s why law course encourages young aspirants to impact generations

Law is one of the most engaging courses that fascinates a number of young aspirants even before joining the institutes of their choice. They enjoy being considered one of the very few individuals who can offer free legal advice to the people even while they are in the nascent stage of getting a degree. It doesn’t often happen with other courses, making law one of the most interesting courses across the educational spectrum. 

However, studying law is not that easy. The law aspirants are required to explore extensive case readings and long assessments, among many other things. Here are some of the interesting facts regarding law courses: 

1. Cultural diversity at the campus: First and foremost, it doesn’t matter in which country you are studying, you’ll often find students from various parts of the world studying alongside you. If not from other countries, you’ll surely get students from many other states of your country learning alongside you. Such a system plays an instrumental role in shaping the future of an individual by boosting his confidence and instilling a sense of respect for the citizens from other races and places.

2. An exciting schedule: The law society is often the most active and organized among all societies, especially at the campus. The to-do-list of a law student will always be filled with networking events, law balls, moots and debates. They are required to join many events to get a complete understanding of what the future beholds for them. For instance, the students at Bharati Vidyapeeth University have a lot more to access than the basic academic syllabus, which plays a pivotal role in the holistic development of the young aspirants.  

3. A course for the vulnerable: One of the best things about studying law is that one gets to know how the perception of this particular field in society is completely different from reality. It fascinates the students to know that the lawyers also work for small firms, vulnerable people and other such individuals, other than batting for the big shots, a viewpoint that is often showcased in the media. As a law student, you will understand how much importance is given to serving the society during and after the completion of the course. 

4. Pushing boundaries: Law is one of the rare fields that affects almost all the dimensions of human life and studying it pushes you to develop an interest in almost everything. One has to have a keen eye about all the segments, from geopolitics to international law, economics to sociology, etc. This is where a law student is able to work distinctly from other individuals.

Law has an important role to play in our lives. It can make or break our progress to achieve holistic growth in life. Similarly, the students also have a lot to work with, once they enter a law institute to study the course of their dreams. As a result, it encourages and excites generations, instead of burdening them with boring literature.

World Day against Child Labour: No Reason, No Excuse, Child Labour is a Child Abuse

In today’s era of modernised world, the growing concerns about the number of children, who instead of going to schools and playing with loved ones, are being forced to work for their survival is threatening. Rather than having healthy food and playing with toys, they are handed over a hammer and chisel to earn a living.

Hundreds of millions of young girls and boys face adverse consequences due to hazardous and abusive working conditions. To prevent children from such deadly traps, in the year 2002, the International Labour Organization (ILO) announced to observe the World Day against Child Labour on June 12 in order to take necessary actions for eradicating this issue in all its forms and make children free. The day unites various governments, employers and civil society and masses from around the world to highlight the agony of child labourers and finding ways to resolve it.

As per the legal experts, with years of experience working at New Law College Pune, “Child labour is preventable. In India, rules are very strict when it comes to child labour. As per the Child and Adolescent Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Act, 1986, it is completely prohibited to employ a child labour (i.e. a person below the age of 14 years) in any sort of factory or establishment, whether it is hazardous or not. A child is only allowed to work in order to help a family enterprise.”

Child labour in most of the cases is horrific, as children are being enslaved, separated from families and exposed to serious hazards and abusive work surroundings. Now, in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic, it is feared that the health crisis can thrust millions of vulnerable children into the trap of atrocious child labour. Children are now at even greater risk of facing harsh circumstances that will lead to more difficult conditions and long working hours. Presently, there are around 152 million children who are working, out of which 73 million are employed in health hazardous industries.

Based on a survey, legal researchers working closely with New Law College Pune revealed that every day children are being pushed into forced labour, illicit activities such as drug trafficking and prostitution as well. Thus, it is necessary for everyone to take cognizance of the matter to help the sufferers and nip this major concerning issue in the bud.