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Pradeep Agarwal Oracle: Data Science Is A Vital Asset For Companies’ Growth

Pradeep Agarwal

Pradeep Agarwal, Oracle explains the benefits of data science and how it can help expand businesses.

The rise of the information and technology sector has led to exponential increment in generation of data. This has offered a chance to evaluate and produce valuable data insights which has made jobs easier and lives comfortable. Pradeep Agarwal Oracle expounds upon the field that studies data and puts it to utility – data science. He also expresses confidence in its ability to boost businesses and propel their growth.

Data science involves collecting, processing, interpreting, organising and maintaining information. It is an interdisciplinary field that uses scientific tools and approaches to obtain insights from data. This can then be used by companies to assist them in their operations.

Customer data provides information about consumer behavior, interests, desires, and more. A complete understanding of data science helps make sense of the raw data and can reduce costs for businesses.
Pradeep Agarwal Oracle points out that companies generally tend to rely on traditional forms of feedback which are outdated in the digital era. He adds, “Once the data is accumulated, it can be used to improve products and services. Organisations can also personalise customer experience as per the insights they acquire.”

Data science is also a valuable tool for enterprises to enhance their privacy. Notably, financial institutions employ a number of sophisticated algorithms to trace the client behavior. With these digital codes, establishments can smartly gauge their risk management.

Pradeep Agarwal Oracle states, “Market trends are large data sets which need real-time processing to be ahead in any industry. Companies can efficiently navigate through this sea of data and improve their performance.”

He also emphasises on how the domain can uncover inadequacies in the manufacturing process, and explains that humans have limited capacity to manually analyse the huge data which is collected during production. A clearly defined algorithm can,thus, boost efficiency of the firm.

For instance, Amazon is among the big companies of the world that engages in e-commerce, cloud computing and media services. Behind its success is the power to harness data. The e-commerce giant deploys an aggressive recommendation engine which offers customers product suggestions based on their search habits and purchase patterns. The activity prompts users to engage and ultimately leads to repeated sales.

Mr. Pradeep Agarwal Oracle cites Netflix also has a successful model of how effective data science can be applied. “The recommendation system of the platform runs on collaborative filtering as well as content-based filtering.” He adds, “ This approach processes reviews, watch time, and binging patterns, which helps in generation of personalised suggestions for the viewers.”

There are countless examples that serve as a proof of how worthy the knowledge of data science can be for businesses. Similar to languages, data is merely a collection of words, numbers and figures in a seemingly random order. But when put together, processed, and analysed, it can help companies remain astray of failure in the long run.

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