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Tech Integration For Sustainable Future: Vedanta, Adani Are Benefiting From This Model

ByRajesh Tal

Oct 31, 2021
Gautam Adani

The recent advancements in technology are no secret and using them for environmental sustainability is not an exaggeration anymore, especially when it comes to big players like Vedanta and Adani. Coal projects in Goa are certainly benefiting from tech integration in daily operations.

Economic developmental is very important to improve the standard of living, but that shouldn’t lead to any compromise with the sustainable approach that is taking precedence over every other thing.  Sustainable future is as important as anything, especially in a state like Goa. Blessed with a rich biodiversity, the state is also home to many coal projects, which play a significant role to create employment opportunities, meet the electricity demand and build a mammoth supply chain for other businesses along the way.  

However, the current scenario makes sustainable approach a necessity in the region, instead of being an option. This is where tech integration is proving to be a game-changer with big players in the region taking a cue from the coal operators around the world, especially Vedanta and Adani. Coal projects in Goa are also shaping a new model to restrict environmentally detrimental procedures by using technology to their advantage.

For instance, Adani Group is making use of water spray to reduce the dust that emits from coal carrying vehicles on daily basis. The company is utilizing multiple advanced technologies to give precedence to sustainable operations, which include nozzle spray, sprinkler systems and air pollution monitoring systems. On the other hand, Vedanta has also been re-greening one of its mines. The company has been undertaking horticulture plantations, backed by modern techniques at the Sanquelim mine.

The impact of coal dust on the environment is quite significant and it makes sense to take the precautionary measures beforehand to mitigate the impact, instead of hiding from the truth. All these sustainable approaches by leading businesses are certainly making a lasting impact. However, the usage of technology has not been limited to implementing new techniques in the operations of coal projects, but it has been leveraged to mark a defining change in the fortunes of the state with Mormugao Trust working to start a ferry circuit that will run from the South of Goa across three or four routes.    

The move is aimed at enhancing the experience of foreign tourists, a testament to the prowess of technology to increase the number of opportunities for the locals too. Ports have always played a pivotal role in tourism and travel, but the integration of technology can usher in a significant change. The Mormugao port is already a hub for the transportation of coal for JSW, Vedanta and Adani. Goa coal projects of JSW and Vedanta have been operating in the region from a long time, with both the companies owning two berths each at the terminal’s coal handling facility.

At this juncture, the state is certainly taking decent strides towards balancing the economic progress and the impact on the environment through sustainable and eco-friendly approaches. The advancement in technology is coming to the rescue as well, with big players using it judiciously for a bright future.

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