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Goa In Autumn: Dreamy Breezes, Golden Beaches & Autumn Sunsets

ByRajesh Tal

Jan 11, 2022

The shiny nights of Goa are cool around this time. It feels very soothing & pleasant, recording a minimum temperature of 20°C. The autumn season starts from October and lasts till mid-November!

Due to its coastal location, Goa’s climate is warm and humid throughout the year. The state is in the tropical zone. It has more of a coastal climate. The hottest month of the year, May brings soaring temperatures reaching up to 35-40°C. High levels of humidity are predictable, combined with heat.


 In autumn, there is still a chance of rain in Goa. The rain washes away the trees beautifully, making everything extremely gorgeous. The beauty, with the rain, amplifies and becomes heavenly.


 Goa is flooded with tourists from all over the world. Tourists call it their soul cottage and spirit fuel. Autumn is a good time to reclaim some beachy vibes as you own. You can have the beaches all by yourself just before the winter crowd.


 There is so much of Goa lying empty before the crowds come in for December. You don’t have to go through the hustle for finding sunbeds or wait in line. Pick a spot and get started.


 Goa during autumn is a site to see. Hire a scooter and go biking! It is the best time for the roller coaster because the streets are less crowded. So you can drive calmly and enjoy the serenity.


 It is a good time to experience the beaches, although, there is no right or wrong time to visit Goa. It is a state that gleams through every season, and autumn is when there is love, high spirits, and wellness in the air!

In the months of June and July, climatic relief arrives with the monsoons. It gives a pleasant break from the scorching heat. The position of the state puts Goa at a benefit. Usually, it lasts till late August or September. Following the monsoon, chilly, parched climate settles in and lasts usually up to February in Goa. This is the best time to visit the state as it flourishes with all the lush greenery & cool temperatures.

The best part about the weather of Goa is that there are rarely any extremities when it comes to climatic conditions.

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