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Nepal Lifts The Veil Off Its Most Beautiful Golfing & Wellness Destination – Miraaya

  • 9-Hole Golf Course, Breathtaking Spa, 24 luxury Cottages & Curated Restaurants at a Destination Reborn
  • Miraaya welcome the international traveler to Lumbini and the roadster in Nepal alik

September 26, 2022: CG Hospitality is delighted to announce the launch of its latest property, Miraaya Wellness & Golf Retreat, Nepal’s first boutique golf retreat destination for holistic wellness and spiritual enrichment, this month. This premium offering, the first of its kind in South Asia and the Indian-Sub continent promises to offer an uber-luxury experience ranging from wellness treatments to wellness cuisine and mindfulness— all inspired by The Farm by San Benito, a legendary multi-awarded eco-luxury holistic medical wellness resort in the Philippines.

Miraaya is the ultimate destination that gives you chance to tee-off in nature’s lap as it’s serene touch and spiritual luxury recharges the mind, body, and soul. The Miraaya marks the return of travel and hospitality a return to pre-pandemic levels.

The Miraaya’s unmatched offerings include 24 opulent guest rooms – lagoon villas, club suites, and villas with views of the 9-hole golf course. The property offers a 4069 yards comprising 9 holes with 32 par Golf Course, a spa & wellness sanctuary for all indoor and outdoor spa treatments, a yoga and meditation pavilion as well as new Three restaurants – Alive!, Prana, and The 19th Hole. 

This exclusive premium resort nestling in the lap of Devachuli Hills is situated less than an hour’s drive from Bharatpur Airport on the strategic Mahendra or East-West Highway that connects Nepal from East to West. Other attractions include Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Buddha; the breathtaking Chitwan National Park also home to the legendary Meghauli Serai – a Taj Safari (a CG Hospitality property) another and overlooks the spiritually enriching Shashwat Dham. Visitors to the Miraaya can visit the melting point of modern, traditional & traditional cultures at Unnati Cultural Village, another stunning offering from CG Hospitality which blends nature, culture, and spirituality in a never-seen-before combination in the neighborhood.

In its Phase 1 opening, slated for September 2022, Miraaya will open in a reinvented avatar the flagship Miraaya Wellness Spa. The brand new restaurants will offer their diners the finest culinary experience in the region. While Alive!, a vegan restaurant will advocate locally sourced, organically grown plant-based farm-to-table cuisine;, and the 19th Hole, a poolside sports bar and restaurant serving international cuisine.

Included in the complimentary activities for all guests are the resort’s yoga, meditation, and sound healing programs. In a pioneering move unmatched in all of Nepalese hospitality, the Miraaya Spa will offer traditional Nepali massage and beauty rituals using the healing properties of local medicinal plants and herbs.

In the second phase, expected to go live in the December 2022 as a grand launch, the property will open with 10 clubrooms, 8 lagoon villas and 6 golf villas with private pools, taking the room count to 24.

In the launch’s third and final phase in 2023, Miraaya will begin its medically-supervised programs such as Holistic Detox, Beauty and Longevity, Pain Management, Weight Management, Yoga and Raw Food Retreat.Miraaya promises to be a trailblazer in Nepalese hospitality as the region’s first luxury wellness, spiritual, and golf retreat that is close to Buddhist and Hindu religion centres and reverberates with tranquil healing energy.

“Miraaya embodies CG’s goal of holistic wellbeing, environmental sustainability, and cultural consciousness with its carefully curated fare” says Rahul Chaudhary, Managing Director and CEO, CG Hospitality. 

From the keen Golfer to the Wellness enthusiast hopping internationally to soak in the most unique experiences, Miraaya is the place to be. And with a new world-class international airport coming up at      Lumbini, the world is closer to this stunning new holistic sanctuary from CG Hospitality worldwide.

###To explore Miraaya online visit  www.miraayawellness.com

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