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Success story of Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut

The struggle story of Kangana Ranaut is unlike anyone else. Kangana Ranaut is popular in the industry because of her unconventional lifestyle and rebellious nature. She is one actress who has established her amazing acting skills and talent by giving her 100% efforts in her performance. Her most famous films are Queen, Tanu Weds Manu Series, Gangster, etc. It took some time but she is a very successful actress.  Success did not come to her easily. As she struggled a lot to reach this point. Her story is very inspirational as well as motivational.

kangana Tanu

Kangana Ranaut was born in the year 1987. She belonged to a Rajput family in Himachal Pradesh, India. She has two siblings, an elder sister, and a younger brother. From a very young age, Kangana was very rebellious. She did not like the norms set by society against women. She used to experiment with fashion during childhood only. She used to wear outfits that seemed very unusual and weird to others. People used to stare at her because of her fashion sense. However, Kangana never really cared about anyone else’s opinion about her. She did not want to become an actress from the start. She aimed on becoming a doctor because she was very good in studies but a failed chemistry unit test during 12th standard made her reconsider her life goals.

She dropped the idea of becoming a doctor. Instead, now she wanted to become an actress and work in the entertainment industry. Her family did not support her decision but that did not stop Kangana. Kangana left her house at the age of 16 and shifted to Delhi all by herself to pursue her goals further. She had zero financial support from her family yet she did not give up. In an interview, she even mentioned that at the age of writing love letters and going on blind dates, she was struggling for her career.

In the beginning, she tried modeling but later realized that modeling was not her thing. Ultimately she moved to Mumbai to pursue her career as an actress. She struggled for 10 years before her Bollywood debut. There was a point in her career when she was financially very weak. However, being the courageous and rebellious woman she is, she did not give up.

Finally in 2004, after 10 years of struggle, she got her first Bollywood project “I Love You Boss”. In the following year, she also auditioned for a film directed by Anurag Basu and produced by Mahesh Bhatt. Anurag Basu liked her audition a lot and wanted to get her in the film but Mahesh Bhatt did not agree. He stated that she is very young to handle such a demanding and hard role. So, they signed a more established actress over Kangana. However, at the very last moment, that actress walked out of the movie leaving Mahesh Bhatt and Anurag Basu in no other position but to sign Kangana Ranaut as her replacement. Kangana dropped “I Love You Boss” to do this film. She showed everyone that she was rightfully deserving of the role through her performance. The film was “Gangster”. As you may know, this movie was a hit in the box office and it also impressed the critiques. Kangana received a lot of praise for her performance in the movie.


After “Gangster”, Kangana did some more films. However, not all of them got a good response from the audience except for the “Tanu Weds Manu Series”. Her Bollywood career got stagnated in the middle. Suddenly, all this changed with “Queen”. The audience loved this film and loved the performance of Kangana in it. . She received two consecutive National Film Award for Best Actress for “The Queen”. Kangana told in an interview that “Queen” was the turning point in her Bollywood career. This film also changed a lot of people’s perception of her and her capabilities.

Now, Kangana  is also conquering the business world with her recent collaboration with Brand “Vero Moda” to launch two clothing lines for the company. She also tried her luck as a director as she co-directed and acted in a biopic called “Manikarana – The Queen Of Jhansi”. Along with all these, Kangana has also been in the center of a lot of controversies. Her rebellious and outspoken personality always brings her to the center of controversies. However, that does not stop her from keep speaking up for herself.

From leaving her house at the age of 16 all by herself without any financial support to getting National Film Awards, Kangana had to face a lot of struggles and obstacles in her way. However, the obstacles did not stop her from reaching the point she is in right now. The struggle story of Kangana Ranaut is truly an inspiration for a lot of women out there as well as men.

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