6 Exciting and Delightful Mother’s Day Ideas for Mommy Dearest

Mother’s Day is almost here and we all are damn excited for celebrating it with our mommies. Almost all of us are hyped up about mother’s day and all of us must make sure that we please our mothers on this day. She surely deserves applause for all the work she puts in for us for an entire year without thinking of herself. This day is the right time for us to make sure that we do our best to make this day worthy for her.

Urghhh!!! Are you confused about how to make this day special for her? If yes, then we are here with the best ideas that will surely help you create the sweetest memories along with her.

Write Her a Letter

Even if you are not that good a writer, you can still surprise your mom with a heartfelt letter that says everything which she needs to know about you.  Take a little time to talk about your mum’s things that make you happy, appreciate, and respect. You can do this by getting a personalized cake for her. If you are not a good patisserie chef, then you can order mothers day cake online and make her feel special. 

Take Her Out for Brunch

Make it special on Mother’s Day and take your mom out for a brunch or make your buffet which includes all the mom’s favorite cuisines. Ask her straight away what she wants, whether go outside or stay at home? Go and have a picnic at some beautiful place somewhere in the woods. Your mamma would certainly enjoy family time with you without any distractions.

Call Her and Speak It Out

If this year’s mother’s day flowers & gift is not in your budget, and you cannot spend your day with mommy, what can be better than getting some quality phone time with her? Instead of sending a short “Happy Mother’s Day” text to the mother, pick up the phone and call her or make a video call, and speak your heart out in front of her.  Give her time and remember that these are the little things that matter a lot to her.

Be what she wants you to be

There is nothing more special to a mommy than when her children are well disciplined, loving, and behave like good people. Of course, most moms on Mother’s Day would love a gift but raising good and healthy kids which means more than any gift for her.

Remember the Dates

Almost everyone is happy with the fact that you remember their special dates like birthdays and anniversaries. They seem to be particularly important for our mums. They spend a lot of time and money ensuring their family’s special days are recognized. Don’t make the mistake of forgetting the dates she finds significant.

Create a Personal Gift for your Mamma

When you give gifts to your mother, remember that almost all the moms will enjoy everything that they receive from their kids. However, they will be excited by gifts that have been selected or made specifically for her. These gifts that you make needn’t be expensive. Rather, concentrate on the fact that they should be meaningful and make her feel special. Some suggestions for the mother’s day gift are:

  • a gift basket that represents one of her passions, such as spa shampoos, towels, gourmet kitchen utensils and spices
  • gift her a photograph of you and her framed in a beautiful handmade photo frame
  • favorite family recipe book that includes all the yummy dishes cooked by her

These were some of the best mother’s day gift ideas which will for sure help you in making this day memorable and special for her. You can go to your nearby shops and get all the things which are required for making gifts.

Show Off The Entire Range Of Eyelashes In Visually Attractive Custom Printed Eyelash Boxes

Putting on false lashes has become an emerging trend in the fashion industry today. The long and voluminous eyelashes make the most attractive part of a women’s face. Also, the attractive and beautiful eyelashes enhance the facial beauty of women. Most females put on mascara on the lashes to make their eyelashes look fuller, longer, and better. Owing to the importance of eyelashes among the female audience, different cosmetic brands are introducing different varieties of eyelashes to meet the needs of different audiences. No matter what kind of eyelash is needed to be packaged either mink eyelashes, magnetic eyelashes, synthetic eyelashes, or strip lashes, etc. these must be packaged in high-quality packaging boxes to retain your brand standards among the females.

There is no hesitation in saying that it is women who determine the success of any cosmetic product and brand. The reason behind this fact is that women determine the perceived value of any cosmetic product with its packaging. If your brand fails to provide good packaging, all your packaging efforts will doom to failure. However, packaging and showing off eyelashes in Custom Printed Eyelash Boxes will help companies to boost their product reputation in the eyes of females. Now since every brand is turning to customized boxes for the packaging of their products, you can make your mark among the females by packaging the eyelashes in high-quality boxes.

Creating the eyelash boxes by opting for multiple customization choices

Maintaining the first impression is important for making the brand successful among the female audience. And this can be achieved effortlessly by packaging eyelashes in unique boxes. As an eyelash producer, you ought to package eyelashes in high-quality boxes to showcase your different ranges of eyelashes to boost your product reputation among the other cosmetic brands. With the goal to make the brand prominent among the females, the product advertisement can be achieved exclusively best with customized printed boxes.

The product’s appearance matters the most when it comes to attracting the audience with the attractive box outlook. Being the producers of eyelashes, the customized eyelash boxes can be customized in a number of different ways from materials to colors, size, and packaging styles to uplift your product reputation among the audiences.

Packaging the eyelashes in superior quality material boxes is important to maintain their sensitive and delicate nature. In order to maintain your brand standards among the audience, consider using high-quality packaging materials such as corrugated, Kraft, and cardboard. All of these packaging materials are sturdy in nature and retain the product delicacy in the best possible manner. Moreover, the stock thickness level of the materials can also be customized from 10pt to 28pt according to the protection required. On top of this, these materials have the flexibility to get transformed into different packaging styles such as sleeve style, hang tab style, and tuck style, etc. Moreover, you also win customer’s credibility in your brand by providing eco-friendly packaging boxes that leave a good brand impression on customers.

The custom printed eyelash boxes can also be made attractive by giving the best color tones to the boxes. You can either go for subtle colors or vibrant colors as per your demand. The tints of vibrant colors on the boxes will enhance their attractiveness and maximize their appeal. To make the eyelash packaging the center of attraction for most audiences, you can also customize the box’s outlook with illustrated graphics or intricate designing patterns. Customizing the packaging outlook with attractive graphics, colors, and other designing patterns will leave a remarkable effect on the boxes and maximizes their visual appeal.

Leading the brand image with unique add-ons

Customizing the eyelash boxes with different designing ideas will make your brand prominent among the audience which will ultimately lead to achieving a higher sales target. Applying strikingly attractive finishing coating such as matte lamination, gloss lamination, foiling, spot UV, embossing, and aqueous coating, etc. will give an enhanced to the boxes and captures the female attention at first glance. Moreover, you can also make your custom printed eyelash boxes distinct from other brands by adding a die-cut window that will provide a clear view of the product packaged inside. The addition of windows will help customers in making an easy purchase decision. Also, you can add various inserts, embellishments, and magnetic closures, etc. to make your boxes look distinct from the competitors.

Wipro appoints former Walmart executive Subha Tatavarti as CTO

The current CTO teams, including Service Transformation, Topcoder, Robotics, SVIC, Technovation Centre, Open Innovation and Applied Research will report to Tatavarti.

Wipro has appointed Subha Tatavarti as its new Chief Technology Officer. The appointment is among the long list of hires by the Indian IT major as part of CEO Thierry Delaporte’s plans to accelerate growth at the company.

“Subha joins us from Walmart, where she led product, technology development and commercialisation of Enterprise Infrastructure along with Security, Data Science and Edge platforms,” Delaporte said in an email to employees, as cited by the Moneycontrol.

The current CTO teams, including Service Transformation, Topcoder, Robotics, SVIC, Technovation Centre, Open Innovation and Applied Research will report to Tatavarti, the report further added.

In her stint with Walmart, Tatavarti was appointed as the Senior Director of Technology Commercialisation. Prior to that, she has worked with PayPal from 2010 to 2020 in various capacities, including Head of Product, Data Platform and Infrastructure; Director of Cloud, Platforms and Frameworks; and Director, Planning and Operations – Data and Analytics.

Before joining PayPal, Tatavarti has worked with Climetrics, Inc as Co-founder and Director, Abbott Laboratories, Fannie Mae, Bearing Point and AOL.

Reference: BusinessToday

Life Hacks to Improve Students’ Lifestyle

Often during student life, we have to spend long hours outside of our towns to study abroad or study further, which adversely affect our health. Health not only gets controlled with climatic changes, but there is the change we can experience within our body related to food and its nutrients.

While staying out of home, we tend to forget the timetable related to timely meals. Students have to eat food at mess or have to reach out to restaurants for food on a daily basis. The people who do jobs tend to become more careless in terms of having food on time and, of course, for their health.

Their routine reflects in their work-life as with a bad or distorted routine you cannot perform better, you always feel tired. Some experts suggest the points further mentioned in this blog for the wellness of the student who sacrifices even their health for studies.

This blog contains those pinpoints that you can feel energetic most of the time and thus improve your health if you start to follow.     

Along with these critical suggestions, you will be notifying your senses using financial creeds that can be asked simply through direct lenders.

The habits that every student must follow

Drinking water on an empty stomach

After waking up, you must drink 2 glasses of lukewarm water with honey on an empty stomach. Honey is good for our brain cells and good for our health. It keeps us safe from building fat cells or obesity as it boosts metabolism. 

This keeps your digestion well, and you will not have any stomach disorders. Therefore, you need to drink water daily every morning on an empty stomach. 

Start your day with eating protein source mainly Sprouts 

The first meal you should take as to provide energy and protein to your body with sprouts. It is the primary source of nourishing our body with fibres. They are easily available in the nearby grocery stores. What you need to do is, you must preserve them in water for over a night and repeat this for two more days.

Do not drain out the water until the seeds start sprouting. In this way, one can prepare his healthy breakfast with a fibrous meal. It provides extensive energy to your body.

Take time for your body repair

You must draw at least 20 minutes for your body in the morning. You can perform heavy lifts, running, jogging, yoga, and meditation, just anything that you wish to perform. You must carry this time to conceal for your body improvements and live the whole day with the extreme power of the brain and body. 

When you exercise your body, you prepare for the working activities throughout the day ahead. Exercising your body brings strength and energy to stay active the whole day. This is one of the critical points. You will start loving your body with this. 

You can join physical training classes either online or go physically to a gym. The instructors charge an amount. You can pay that amount with the use of the personal loan, from direct lenders.

Skipping the breakfast

Some students do not wake from their sleep even at 10 AM. They eat the food at a mess or restaurant and visit the class. Breakfast is an essential meal of the day, and what you eat should be in the right content of nutrients. You should not skip breakfast.  

What food you get in the mess, have it. Do not go for the taste but the proper nutrient. If you cook by yourself, who is even better, you need not skip your breakfast.

Consuming an applicable amount of water 

You need to drink at least 8 litres of water in an entire day. There is no rocket science in this, as this is a straightforward task that you can do anywhere. You need to consume 10 to 12 glasses of water in a day. It will significantly enhance your metabolism. For the students who are with hormonal imbalance, water can help them a lot.

Students with oily skin and can even remove their acne. Take it very seriously and drink water as much as you can. 

Avoid junk food

Do not eat junk food as they contain an excessive amount of oil, fats, salt and sugar, which are more than the amount your body needs. The food has more than the required amount of ingredient is not suitable for eating. They are meant to throw and never grab them in a lifetime.

Dairy food products and salads

You should consume dairy products in your food, including cheese, milk, yoghurt, butter, etc. If you do not like them, then you can include salads in your meals. Bear in mind that eating raw fruit and vegetable instead of cooked, can be a good source of nutrients.  


All these points have described the routine for a healthy life and its manipulation. The type of Food items discussed here take you to intake of balanced meal and highly suitable for your body excepting junk food as they are just for taste.

12 Top Places To Visit Mexico For The First-timers

Mexico situated in North America is a popular destination to visit for a vacation. And if you have already packed your bags to visit the Latin nation, we have chosen the 12 most popular and favorite landmarks of Mexico only for you.

1. Mexican Historic Center

Ciudad de México (Mexican City) being the capital of the country hosts a variety of dedicated destinations to pay at least a one-time visit. Its most popular attractions are the famous art galleries and museums of world-class facilities, a 15-square-kilometer UNESCO World Heritage Site. If you are a person who loves to know about the heritage site then book your Aeromexico Airlines Reservations to visit Mexico. 

Centro Histórico de la Ciudad, or the historic city center that has colonial buildings of the 16th century to 19th century more than 1,400 in numbers. The city is also famous for Plaza de la constitución (Constitution square), which includes the National Palace, the Metropolitan Cathedral, and the Templo Mayor. The City also showcases a Heritage view of volcanic mountains.

2. Chichén Itzá

The nation has its second UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Mayan city of Chichén Itza. The must-visit destination of the city includes the Pyramid of Kukulkán or famously known as El Castillo, Caracol the thousand years old observatory.

3. Guanajuato

Another UNESCO World Heritage Site the city of Guanajuato offers one of the gorgeous aged architecture Jardin de la Union, the stunning old San Diego Church, and the remarkable Juárez Theater.

The city is presenting the Museum of Quixote, International Cervantino Festival, and Mummies of Guanajuato.

4. Cozumel Island

After traveling the past of Mexico you should admire the present at Cozumel Island. The Island offers beaches like Playa San Juan, Playa San Francisco, and Playa Santa Rosa. You can also dive into the waters of Palancar Reef to cross more points on your bucket list.

5. Guadalajara

Influenced by colonial as well as native Tapatíos, the city houses places like Plaza de Armas, Palacio de Gobierno, and Guadalajara Cathedral. To enjoy the allure of the city, travel it on foot.

6. Merida

Famous as Yucatán’s white city, Merida is a city to explore on foot. The city has several old buildings and parks. The city has touches of French architecture here and there.

7. Morelia

The historic city has changed little with time yet presents the preserved beauty of ancient buildings. Another UNESCO World Heritage Site is worth exploring on foot. However, the Plaza De Armas has many great cafés, shopping marts, and restaurants. In addition, gardens, fountains, and statues of popular heroes are an addition to the beauty of the city. Morelia Cathedral and Morelia Aqueduct are also nearby places to pay a visit.

8. Oaxaca

What makes Oaxaca beautiful are its Spanish-Indian elements. This city is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site of the nation. The city is less developed than other cities due to which it offers cultural hubs. The main attraction to the city is the Guelaguetza festival. You can also explore many ruins like Monte Alban.

9. Tulum

The city has many archeological sites like the Temple of the Frescoes, and Castillo. Additionally, the site has many well-preserved ruins. The site also offers beaches like Cozumel, Playa del Carmen, and cancún.

10. Copper Canyon

The extraordinary copper canyon needs no introduction. Also known as Barranca del Cobre the canyon is located in the Sierra Madre Occidental region. Every year a huge amount of tourists visit this destination for spending a good time. The view of different mountains also attracts people to explore this place. You love hiking then why are waiting just call Interjet Airlines Telefono and book your ticket to Copper Canyon.

11. Los Cabos

The famous beach destination of Mexico consists of a huge stretch of coastline extending from Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo. The destination also offers resorts, spas, golf centers, etc. for people craving leisure. Moreover, the natural landmark El Arco de Cabo San Lucas is famous among swimmers.

12. Mayan Riviera

Mayan Riviera consists of resort destinations like Cancún, Playa del Carmen and Cozumel. However, it is the perfect holiday destination for someone who is craving leisure in nature’s lap. Moreover, it is famous for dolphin and stingray sightings. It also inhabits the world’s largest underwater museum.

Trendy Gift Approaches to Make Your Anniversary Special for Your Wife

Wedding day is a big celebration for all the couples that they always need to remember on their anniversaries. If you are commemorating your wedding anniversary, then you can plan some whimsical gifts and surprises for your better half. It is a golden opportunity to strengthen your bond of deep love and endearment. You must consider her preferences in particular presents on this fantastic day of your married life. You can make a romantic aroma of flowers and anniversary gifts online to give her blissful moments of commemoration. The gift selection might be a challenging task for you to amuse your lady love. So, you need some exciting gift ideas that can make her day exceptional.

Here are some lovely gift approaches to make this anniversary remarkable for your loving wife.

Personalized Lampshades:

A personalized gift is helpful to convey your hidden emotions in the relationship. You can create photo lampshades to delight your loving wife on this special occasion. You need to choose some attractive images of your togetherness. Imprint a thoughtful quote on the lampshade to prompt your everlasting feelings for her. There are various designs and shades of lamps available, which you can pick for your better half. You can even engrave the lampshade with a message of love. She would like to place a customized lampshade in her living room.

Cool Accessories:

Women like to carry some essential accessories of their choice all the time. You have a chance to provide the favorite accessories to your better half on this wedding anniversary. There are many fabulous items like sunglasses, wristwatches, and engraved bracelets, etc., which you can buy for her. Try to ask her for any preference in particular accessories that she loves to carry regularly. It could be a perfect item to pamper your loving wife on this special event of togetherness. She would love to use her favorite accessories while traveling. It would be an ideal gift choice to provide her a new style statement.

Beauty Hamper:

Being a husband, it is a great chance to shower your endless love on this ceremonial occasion of your wedding anniversary. If you like to charm your beloved wife, then make a hamper of makeup items for her. Add her favorite cosmetics and beauty products which she can use regularly. You can also buy some branded products to make her feel special. It would be impeccable for giving her surprising moments of the day. Another approach is to add some beauty appliances which she requires during her makeover. It can be a great approach to show your deep care and love towards her. She will feel blessed to get such valuable items from your end. Collect all the products, a gift box of the required size, some cute fillers, and your work is done.

Housewarming Plants:

When it comes to celebrating a wedding anniversary’s memorable occasion, then your wife requires some thoughtful items. You have an opportunity to amaze her by providing the designer some housewarming plants like Jade, money plants, and bamboo plants online to bring her pleasure to another level of happiness. Select personalized pots which she can place in her living room and get all the essential benefits from the green plants. It can be something very special to mark this grand celebration of your married life. It will undoubtedly be helpful to bring a big smile to her face. She will feel overwhelmed by such a thoughtful gift from your side.

Delicious snacking hamper:

Tasty snacks hamper a decent pick to commend the celebrations with bunches of tidbits and beverages. You can give heavenly bites hamper to anybody and kick the gathering off with yummy chocolates, candies, shimmering juice, and that’s just the beginning. The gift can also be considered for the people who are into fitness as they like to try out this detoxifying product. All in all, it is a refreshing product gifts online that will detox the body with organic ingredients.

Designer Wall Frame:

There are various ways to express your undying affection towards your loved ones. For your spouse, you can design a crafted photo frame to show your deep feelings. The best way is to add your wedding photos in a designer frame. You can even choose a beautifully shaped frame to preserve your beautiful memories of past events. It could be an ideal approach to make a beautiful gesture of your endearment for her. She will surely refresh her unforgettable memories through this lovely gift. It would help to store some special moments of your wedding life for a long time.

So, all of these trendy gift ideas can give your wife some relishing moments on this upcoming wedding anniversary. There are various customization options available at different online gift outlets to make your anniversary gift more exciting for your better half.

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